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The imposing neoclassical mansion of Syrou Melathron is situated in Vaporia, the most aristocratic district of Ermoupolis home to three generations of wealthy merchants, ship owners and bankers. The colorful manors, built at the edge of the rocks right above the water, will remind you of Venice. This privileged view from your room and common areas, is one of the many reasons to choose this neoclassic mansion.
The Melathron residence dates back to 1857 and in 1988, was officially listed as a historic monument.

The restoration team stayed true to the original architecture of the façade and preserved various elements such as the balconies made of Parian marble, the ornate ceilings, the forged stairs and balconies’ railings, the archaic gables and wooden-carved eaves.
The lobby, the Roof Garden and the rooms take their cues from the opulent 19th century era. They are furnished and decorated with elegance and style: quality fabrics, fine furniture, marble bathrooms.

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Guest rooms & Services

Over the years the admirable guest house expanded in two buildings. The owners cautiously adapted Syrou Melathron to the needs of contemporary travelers. Nowadays the well-located, old-world-meets-new estate features also a number of refurbished rooms with a modern, more minimalistic touch, alongside the more classic ones, offering guests a rich palate of choices.The aristocratic lobby and the stellar Roof Garden where breakfast is served during summer, are stunning -a memorable experience for every visitor! The former, featuring an impressive ornate ceiling, windows overlooking the sea, antique chandeliers, elegant classic decoration and furniture, is reminiscent of a grand neoclassic salon of the 19th century.
The neoclassic mansion is simply the most privileged Roof Garden in Ermoupolis! Spacious, filled with plants and aromatic herbs, boasts breathtaking views to the sea and the picture-perfect Vaporia neighborhood. Spread along the skyline are the nearby Cycladic islands of Mykonos, Tinos, Naxos and Paros.