Vaporia district

The most aristocratic neighborhood of Ermoupolis is Vaporia, where Syrou Melathron is situated. A truly privileged location with magnificent vistas especially in the evening.
Being at the crossroads of East and West, Ermoupolis was influenced by the European culture and trends. European architects found suitable ground to implement their ideas. They created public buildings and mansions by combining the European neoclassical and romantic style. This is the case in the Vaporia district.
The impressive mansions were built just above sea level in the 19th century, by talented architects on behalf of rich bankers, shipowners and merchants.
Their legacy is preserved by the new owners who renovated the impressive buildings.


St Nicholas church

The blue-domed church of St Nicholas (of the rich as they call it) built in 1870, dominates the neighborhood of Vaporia. It is a few steps away from Syrou Melathron. This admirable church features exceptional lighting and the crystal chandeliers from Trieste highlight the masterpiece hagiographies and frescoes. You will also admire the famous marble Iconostasis with images of 1909, the despotic throne, the pulpit, the Russian icon and the Epitaph.
Since 1920 the church choir sings its hymns in the church it it is worth participate a ritual and enjoy it.