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Among others, you may visit in Syros:

  • Syros Archaeological Museum
  • Ermoupolis Industrial Museum 
  • Ermoupolis Public Library
  • Historical Archive 
  • Historical-Folklore Museum 
  • Markos Vamvakaris Museum 
  • Cinemas in Ermoupolis
  • Library for Children and Teenagers 
  • Ermoupolis City Hall
  • Miaouli Square
  • Ladopoulou Building/ Cyclades Historical Archive
  • Cultural Centre of Ermoupolis
  • Gymnasium of Ermoupolis 
  • Cathedral of Metamorphosis of Jesus
  • Church of the Assumption 
  • Merchant Maritime Academy
  • Customs Office 
  • Catholic church of Evagelistria
  • Apollo Theatre
  • Church of Saint Nicolas (patron saint) 
  • Christian  Orthodox Cemetery of Saint George 
  • Church of Resurrection
  • Church of Saint George 
  • Quarantine House 
  • Manssion of Nikaos Prassakakis


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Thematic routes - Hiking & Trails

Windsurfing, Sailing / Yachting, Scuba Diving, Sea-bed observation

Even if your interests are quite particular, the Cyclades will not disappoint you. Areas of outstanding natural beauty that belong to the network Nature 2000, rare habitats, rich flora and fauna and a starry sky that charms during the summer evenings, create conditions for unique activities.

  • Starry sky
  • Endemic Species
  • Protected Species
  • Tourist boats
  • Nature - Environment

A ‘beautiful life’ may for each individual mean different things, but all contribute to the view that health, wellbeing, mental and emotional balance is the basis for happiness. If you support this opinion, surely one of the options offered by the islands will satisfy you.

  • Spa
  • Healing baths - Springs
  • Adventure Tourism

Archaeological sites, byzantine and medieval monuments, events, islands with history, monasteries and churches, cultural monuments, art

Gastronomy, Nightlife, Traditional Celebrations / Festivals

Do not forget to try famous delights and halvah-pies of Syros!

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